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The America of the past is fading fast. We live in a culture in which Christian influences are quickly eroding, and common decency and civility are disintegrating as our society becomes increasingly polarized and dysfunctional. The result, to cite the title of a Bob Dylan song from several years back, is that "Everything Is Broken."

The breakdown of basic standards of honor and decency in our society today is truly alarming, and it is affecting every area of our culture from law and politics to business, education, the media, the judicial system, the arts and entertainment, public behavior, and private morality. In the process the very character and nature of America is being radically transformed.

This booklet is a primer in natural law—those moral and ethical precepts that human beings sense intuitively as a result of being made in the image of God. Written for small group study and discussion, it discusses the basic principles of natural law, the biblical basis for natural law, the philosophical and historical origins of natural law, and how a departure from the principles of natural law have created chaos in our political and judicial systems—as well as in our culture in general. As a manifestation of general revelation, natural law constitutes the moral foundation for civil government, social justice, and common civility in our society.

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In The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, author Mark Noll wrote that "The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind." No one should think the goal of the Christian life is to become a Christian intellectual (whatever that means). Many sincere and devout Christians are not particularly intellectual by orientation. But it's one thing to be unintellectual by nature, but quite another to be anti-intellectual by choice. Does anyone seriously believe that we can honor God while living mindlessly, or practice wholistic discipleship without thinking deeply about our faith and relating it to every area of life?

This booklet, written for small group study and discussion, highlights the problem of antiintellectualism in our churches and sets forth the case for why all serious Christians should study apologetics in order to understand the Christian faith in more depth and defend its unique truthclaims more effectively.

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According to recent surveys, the vast majority of church members know very little about Christian history—including the origins of their own church and/or denomination. If it is true, as the theologian George Eldon Ladd once wrote, that "the uniqueness of the Christian religion rests in the mediation of revelation through historical events," then the truth of the Christian faith is inextricably connected to certain historical realities. This makes it imperative that Christians understand the historical bases of their faith.

This booklet is essentially an apologetic for the study of history. Written for small group study and discussion, it discusses the nature of history, the limitations of history, a biblically-based philosophy of history, and why an understanding of the past is so vitally important for Christians who take their faith seriously.