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03/01/2010 Newsletter for March/April 2010

Newsletter for March/April 2010

The Mission of the Areopagus In 2003 I founded the Areopagus as a Christian education teaching ministry. For several years I taught seminars in various Atlanta-area churches, and I envisioned the Areopagus as a ministry that would supplement Christian education by providing...Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
05/01/2010 Newsletter for May/June 2010

Newsletter for May/June 2010

The Role of Apologetics in Contemporary Ministry Several years ago I received a call from the minister of education in a church where I was teaching a course. He was interested to know how things were going, and I responded that...Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
08/01/2010 Newsletter for July/August 2010

Newsletter for August/September 2010

Centers of Ministry Earlier this summer I spent two weeks in Poland on a lecture tour sponsored by Faculty Commons, the faculty division of Campus Crusade for Christ. I began the tour by speaking at the Warsaw Apologetics Conference, a weekend event that included a few philosophers, theologians and...Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
10/01/2010 Newsletter for September/October 2010

Newsletter for October/November 2010

Hawking v. God: a Classic Mismatch One of the publishing sensations of 2010 is The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. As a best-selling author and perhaps the world’s most recognizable scientist, Hawking needs little introduction. Mlodinow is a physics professor at CalTech who is best-known in scientific circles for... Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
01/01/2011 Newsletter for January/February 2011

Newsletter for January/February 2011

The Linchpin Issue of the Christian Faith The question, “Who is Jesus?” is the core issue of the Christian faith and the nexus of our salvation. Apparently, Jesus considered it to be so vitally important that he made it a special point of emphasis in his ministry to his disciples, who would later become the leaders in the early church (ref. Matthew 16:13-17).... Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
03/01/2011 Newsletter for March/April 2011

Newsletter for March/April 2011

Ruminations on Thanatology Last week I attended two funeral/memorial services in two days. I truly hope this was an anomaly rather than the beginning of a trend. I'm in no rush to reach the point in life, as my father occasionally quipped in his last years, when "most of the people I know are dead."Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
05/01/2011 Newsletter for May/June 2011

Newsletter for May/June 2011

Bart Ehrman's Latest Con Job: Is Forged a Fraud? Bart Ehrman, a New Testament scholar in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina, is one of the most influential critics of Christianity on the scene today. While not as well-known as the Oxford evolutionary biologist and atheist provocateur, Richard Dawkins, Ehrman sells far more books. In addition, he's more clever: he's not nearly so strident and dismissive of the Bible and Christianity as the pompous Dawkins, and therefore he comes across as less polemical and more scholarly – which of course makes him all the more dangerous. Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears
08/01/2011 Newsletter for August/September 2011

Newsletter for August/September 2011

Evolution, Junk DNA, and the Real "Science Stoppers" For some time, evolutionary critics of Intelligent Design--everyone from Darwinian atheists such as Richard Dawkins to theistic evolutionists like Francis Collins--have labeled ID a "science stopper." According to them, proposing a designer brings science to a halt, and only materialistic causes need be considered. But there's a twist to this story...Read More (pdf)

Bruce Phillips
10/01/2011 Newsletter for October/November 2011

Newsletter for October/November 2011

Addressing America's Cultural Crisis The Areopagus is a Christian education ministry dedicated to an integrated and wholistic understanding of Christian discipleship that engages both the mind and the heart. To that end, we sponsor seminars and forums on a wide range of issues related to Christian history, apologetics, spirituality, literature and the arts. A significant aspect of our ministry has always been an emphasis on cultural apologetics--applying Christian principles to the moral, social and political issues of our day--and considering the troubling trends in contemporary American culture, this will be an area of particular focus over the next year.... Read More (pdf)

Jefrey Breshears