Richie Willard

A native of South Carolina, I graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Management and Information Systems. After working for 4 years as an IT consultant in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA, I moved to Maryland to accept a fellowship position with the Trinity Forum Academy. My studies at the Academy focused on the Christian worldview, the history of economic development, and the relationship between market economics and Christian ethics. Once I completed my fellowship position at the Trinity Forum Academy, I accepted an offer with a management and IT consulting firm in Atlanta. I've been working in Atlanta since 2004.

As a Christian, I am committed to understanding our times in light of Scripture and to following the central call to follow Christ. My focus of study includes economics, political philosophy, epistemology, and cultural apologetics. I believe in responsible cultural engagement, and I believe in the work that the Aréopagus does in the Atlanta area. The Aréopagus is a vital part of the Christian witness in the Atlanta area.

My wife Vanessa and I live in Cumming, GA, with our young daughter Raegan, and we are members of Perimeter Church (PCA) in Duluth.