Jim Motter

I was raised one of six children in a wonderful family in Indiana. Although I attended a Baptist Church until the age of eleven, I soon developed an ardent indifference toward Christianity which led me away from the church. Little did I realize that this was the beginning of a diversion that would last for decades. Thankfully though, my AWOL status did not go unchallenged. My journey back to faith has been rich with spiritual blessings, including: an unexpected encounter with a mysterious minister and the good fortune of knowing Dr. Frank Harrington of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, one of the nation's truly great preachers. It was Dr. Harrington who first convinced me that belief is not merely just a matter of faith, but also involves an element of reason. Dr. Harrington also introduced me to the writings of several great Christian thinkers—first and foremost the incomparable C.S. Lewis, but also G.K. Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, Peter Kreeft and others.

My passion today is to introduce seekers to the life and writings of Lewis. Like Lewis, my hope is to convince them to search for truth with an active and uncluttered mind and to consider with fresh eyes the timeless wisdom of the ages. I am thankful for the opportunity to do this through The Areopagus, and through forums conducted with the C.S. Lewis Institute in Atlanta.

The Motter family attends Alpharetta Presbyterian Church in North Atlanta.